Thursday, 7 October 2010

Digi Pack Anylysis

First of all the iconic picture of michael jackson is used on this album cover to draw the audience in , this will draw them in because he looks young and innocent and thats the michael jackson the fans all used to know and love. They used this picture very effectivley because this was michael before all the media stories that have been in the news which damaged his career. The colors used on this digi pack have been chosen very carefully the use of gold makes the album seem elegant , this is michael jackson sharing something special with his fans not just a normal CD cover for them to buy. Michael Jackson is wearing a pure white suit on the front cover of his CD cover to symbolise that he is pure allmost angel like this gives the audience a warm feeling and therfore connects with them

The signature on the album cover makes the audience feel very close to Michael , It shows that he has thought about his fans and wanted to make them feel special by putting his signature there. This is a smart tactic because normaly fans would die to get Michael Jackson to sign a shirt or something , so to do that he is catering to his fans and thinking of them.

The inside pictures tell two different stories allmost like a heaven vs hell scenario the good in him vs the bad. In the thriller picture michael is wearing red and black with yellow snake eye contacts. The red and black symbolises evil but also power shown by him covering up the woman in this picture. We can see by the grin on his face he is enjoying the power he has over the woman because she is scared and he knows this. But in the next picture we see Michael in a more heavenly look. He is holding a little tiger which shows that he is a gentle man and as we all know he loves animals. As we all know tigers are meant to be dangerous animals that eat meat so using a cute little baby tiger is another little trick the media has used to symbolise this image. The colors in the two pictures are very diferent as well. The thriller picture has a weird kind of green color in the back which again potrays the dark side. But in the other pic we have a black background with a white light the black background is used to really make the white of Michaels suit stand out and glow.

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