Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Brief Of The Band

First of all we had a look at all the briefs given to us of the different genres availible and we came to a agreement that we wanted to go for something that we knew we could work well with so we decided to go for good girls gone bad. The decision of the was discussed over quiet a long period of time because we didnt really like the songs that we were given but in the end seen as we all like destinys child we chose the song Bugga Boo. We watched the video looked at the lyrics and decided we liked the whole concept of the video and we could work with it. Coming up with the name of the band took a long while as most of the ideas we were coming out with sounded cheesy or were just crap, but in the end we managed to think of a good band name which was Bullets And Barbies. We chose this name for the band because it goes with the whole concept of Good Girls Gone Bad you wouldnt normally asociate bullets with barbies.

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