Monday, 11 October 2010

Young Money - Bed Rock , Codes And Conventions

Bed Rock is a track performed by Young Money who are a famous rap group signed to cash money records founded by Lil Wayne.

Through out this video we see a lot of pretty girls dancing around the house getting all close with the rappers. The use of the girls is symbolising that the rap lifestyle is full of pretty girls throwing themselves at you which relates to the lyrics of the song because it refers to women the whole way through. All through the video the rappers flash their money and chains and throw money on a snooker table they do this to show that they are super rich and they don't care how much money they spend it don't matter to them.

The video is very colourful to get the audience attention and is easy on the eye. The camera shots are very quick sharp shots each catching different shots of the rappers rapping and messing around in the mansion most of the shots are mid section pictures.

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