Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Music Video Director Wayne Isham

Wayne Isham is a very famous videos director and has directed many famous stars music videos because of his unique video tecniques. Wayne Isham has also directed in films aswell which is one of the reasons why the way he makes music videos is different from other directors. He encorporates his film making skills in to many of the music videos he has directed.

Some of the videos he has worked on with various artist:

Will Smith - Miami

1. Use of green screen and real location in the video
2. Use of special effects / slow motion then skips to other bits
3. Song stops then goes into a dance scene performance

Bon Jovi - Its My Life

1. There is a story line / a few scenes of acting in the video
2. Element of stage performance through the whole song
3. Use of special effects jumping off bridge / going under big lorry
4. The video is also staged

N-Sync - Bye Bye

1. Change of location alot in this video
2. This video has a story line
3. Has a meaning behind the video about them being controlled like puppets
4. Lots of dance breaks in the video
5. Special effects

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  1. Good notes on the Director. Consider similarities and differences between the music videos and whether he has a signature style.