Friday, 21 January 2011

Process Of Making Digi Pack

Here are some screenshots of the process of making the front cover of my digi pack. I found it a little bit difficult at first getting used to all the different features on photoshop but i slowy got used to it. First of all i got a picture of the girls and made a few edits with the color then gave it a logo. But i thought that was abit plain and it didnt have the logo or the name of the track so i decided to change it.
The second screen shot I decided to make the front cover look abit more apealing and got a picture of a bullet hole and encorparated the girls within the background. This goes with the whole concept we was going for with the edgy girl band look.
The third screen shot I added the bands logo and the track name to the front cover
The final screen shot I added the leapord print background just to give the front cover more of a stylish look.

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