Monday, 1 November 2010

Video Analysis

"The worst thing about crossing a line, Is when you dont know, You allready have."

At the very beginning of the video there is a black background with white writing with a quotation. The colors of black and white have been used to get the audience attention to the writing straight away because they are two colors that stand out well together. The writing on the screen is to straight away let the audience know that there is going to be a story told throughout the video and that the audience should think about that quote through out the video.

After the words at the beginning there is a abit of dialogue between Drake and a Man. This is done to reiterate that this song has meaning and a story to it. The beginning of the video has many quick shots of Drake in the club and the studio this shows that he has a busy life style and that he is allways on the move. The Lighting of the video is very dark and has alot if red and green flashing during the video sometimes bluring the screen. The flashing lights are shown to show the night life of the of the rapper. In the club they show all the girls dancing with other men and the club full of girls but Drake on his own staring at the woman with the man who kills him at the end. This scene is showing that drake is making that decision in his mind to cross the line without realising which goes back to the quote at the beginning.

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